Survey Research Design and Analysis Materials

Instrument Design and Modes of Data Collection (slides)
Nonresponse (slides) (R code) (stata code) (data)
Sample Frames (slides)
Sampling and Weights (slides) (R code: sampling; weights) (stata code: sampling; weights) (data)

Gov 2000 Teaching Materials

Multiple Regression and Probability Distributions (slides) (R code) (stata code) (notes)
Sampling and Hypothesis Testing (slides) (R code) (stata code) (notes)
Basic Regression (slides) (R code) (stata code)
Missing Data (slides) (R code) (stata code)
Introduction to Causal Inference (slides) (R code) (stata code)

Gov 2001 Teaching Materials

Introduction to Probability (slides) (code) (video)
Theories of Inference (slides) (code) (video)
Maximum Likelihood Estimation (slides) (code) (video)
Binary Outcome Models and Quantities of Interest (slides) (code) (video)
Ordered Outcome Models (slides) (code) (video)
Research Designs and Causal Inference (slides) (code) (video)

LaTeX Tutorial

LaTeX Tutorial Guide (tex file)